“A Minimal investment in time and money”
“Unleash the Hideen Potential”

Xtragenius excellent business opportunity is calling dynamic Men & Women to become our business associates from all over the country.
We welcome you to join a lifetime opportunity. Be part of a new age revolution and see your investment grow to a greater heights.
Xtragenius office -High caliber, providing constant and latest international support through Training, Systems for efficient administrative functioning of the center.
You'll receive follow-up field consulting and support during the initial launch and ongoing development of your business.
At Xtragenius, we have a complete and comprehensive supports systems in place to assist our trainees in developing a good educational program.
An opportunity where no prior experience is necessary.
A fantastic business opportunity from Xtragenius Abacus Mental Arithmetic Network.
Employment will be challenging, mentally and financially very rewarding and will help chalk out a remarkable career with great growth potential for self and others.
You could start a profitable International Abacus Mental arithmetic Concept center in your town.
Here is your chance to be a part of Xtragenius Network as franchisee.

Who can become a Xtragenius Trainee?

All those with entrepreneurial skill, achievement orientation, ability to manage the administration, operation, and love for children, benefit of participating in a wonderful pioneering effort in developing the youth of tomorrow.

Our ABACUS Global training Program highlights

  • Complete abacus training
  • Practice on Real abacus
  • Illustrative steps with infinite examples
  • Audio/Video explanation for each steps Do you provide the AV material one time?
  • Infinite of practice sessions for abacus calculation
  • Step by step live video explanations for abacus bead movements Abacus Video Practice (with flashing of random number combination for developing speed and accuracy)
  • Most efficient way to learn Abacus
  • Unlimited Abacus Practice Sessions are these on line

Training Duration

ABACUS: 8 levels: 40 hours (Online session)
Free Demo training will be given prior joining the course.
Age group
Bud level : LKG and UKG 1 to 8 level: 1std to 7std Each level has two set of books Book A & Book B

VEDIC MATHS: 4levels. 25 hours (Online session)
Materials: 5 books
Free Demo training will be given prior joining the course.

For Any Enquiries, Please Contact Us: 9940633579